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You likely already know that the beginning violinist is capable of making some of the ugliest noises imaginable. Yet know this: you will never stop improving your tone. Even the competition fiddlers with their buttery smooth bows are still working on it. Just as violins can sound terrible, they can also make truly beautiful sounds.

Sebastian can teach each of the following styles:


Classical Violin


Celtic Fiddle


American Fiddle

You do not have to settle on a style before you begin; your first few lessons start from the same place and will not differ much.

The three styles listed up there are broad. The first, broader than a thousand years. The second, as broad as a Scottish lowlander’s accent. The third, as broad as America itself. Don’t get stuck thinking that it all sounds the same.



Playing (or pickin’) a banjo is both very fun and very loud. It can be an excellent way to decrease the sensitivity of your ears and increase the tolerance of your family members.

Sebastian can instruct you on the following styles:


Bluegrass and Two-Finger


Old-Time Clawhammer


Irish Tenor (Four-String)

Sebastian is very proficient at bluegrass picking, and can also get you going on old time clawhammer. When it comes to learning two-finger with Sebastian, it were best for you to start with three-finger. Once you become familiar with the banjo, you can lose that third finger.

As for the Irish tenor banjo, Sebastian has only a little experience with it and will likely be learning along with you after a few months.

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See Sebastian and his instruments in action at his Hackberry Hollow YouTube channel!


5 Time Slots Available

Thursdays only!  1:00 – 1:30, 1:30-2:00,  2:00-2:30, 2:30-3:00, and 3:00-3:30

Flower Mound, Texas

—  The Different Styles  —

Classical Violin

Celtic Fiddle

American Fiddle

Bluegrass Banjo

Two-Finger Banjo

Clawhammer Banjo

Irish Tenor Banjo


If you are interested in lessons, tell me what instrument you are interested in learning, and which time slot would work best for you.

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